134th Day As An iOS Developer - Storyboard and Core Data

March 18, 2016 - 134th Day As An iOS Developer

FRIDAY - Another last day of the week! Finally! I'm just doing bug fix for my current project. I'm so near to the end, and I'm just retouching the views and improving the functionalities of the app.

One thing hit me today, I realised that if the project will be composed of merely yourself, and you will never need a team to build the project, then do it using Storyboard. In that way, you would finish the app in next to no time and less coding. Although I really prefer doing the project all programmatically, I would use Storyboard in my next project. Why? The project that I'm doing today (the one that is near to be done), was made or being made programmatically, and it took me 3 weeks to complete it. - Yeah, given the fact that it was my first time in this project to use custom cells, collection views, and table views. There are many firsts that I experienced in this project. Thank you Lord! Thanks to the company for this opportunity.

Last thing I wanna share: I studied Core Data. Yes, finally, I got the time to study Core Data, yes, without using any 3rd party library like Magical Record. I enjoyed it. It's better compared to using SQLite directly. I'm excited to use Core Data again in my next project.

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