135th Day As An iOS Developer - Fully Functional Search Function Plus Dynamic Cell Size

March 21, 2016 - 135th Day As An iOS Developer

MONDAY - Ah Monday, watch out! Long weekend is coming! This coming Thursday and Friday, our country is having its annual holidays called - Holy Week.

One important thing that I've learned today is how to dynamically adjust your TableView Cell or your CollectionViewCell based on its contents. I got the idea, sometimes it works and sometimes not, therefore it's not perfect yet. My part time senior iOS Dev informed me that our CTO has the right codes for it. I'm excited to check it out next week.

I just did some modifications, and enhancements (yep, again) to my project. This project, in fact, like what I've told you in my last post yesterday, is already done. I just feel like to do bug fixing and enhancements. You know what's the happiest moment of mine in developing this project? It happened today, it was when I successfully implemented (fully functional) a search function with relation to Core Data. Thank you sir P for helping me throughout this project.

By the way, another tip: I realised today that if you can't present an Alert Controller, and Xcode is giving you a warning and you find it weird because you are so certain that you're doing it right, you just have to do this: Dispatch it on the main thread!

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