137th Day As An iOS Developer - When The CEO Went On Rage Mode

March 23, 2016 - 137th Day As An iOS Developer

WEDNESDAY - What a wonderful day I had today. I finished my tasks so early and so I left the office just exactly at 6:00PM. I would like to share to you what happened to me last Monday - I forgot to share it in my 135th Day Post.

Last week, Friday, the CEO and my friend (officemate, and the new project manager) told me that we need to provide a build to the team (basically, to the CEO and internal testers only) before the end of the day. So I was like: "fine. okay. sure". Oh yes, I remember they both told me and reminded me not to share the build to the client yet, until we solve the major bug of the app. Back then I was doing my G-project and my part time senior iOS Dev took over to that project (the F-Project), the one that has a major bug.

Times passed by, I forgot to remind my senior that we need to remove the client from the list of Internal Testers on iTunesConnect. I REALLY FORGOT IT! I AM SORRY! I SHOULD HAVE MADE A STICKY NOTE. 

Then last Monday - 13th Day, we had this kind of conversation on Skype.

The Awesome Conversation

What's wrong with the screenshot? Let me ask you that. I committed a big mistake, but what should I expect? What should one expect when he/she commits a mistake? What should we expect from the boss? Right. The phrase: MOVING FORWARD.

You see, the boss right here never had a job before from a corporate world. And I'm pretty sure such phrase is so essential to all employees. I remember the times when I made wrong things in my past work, my team lead would say: "Okay. Moving Forward nalang. (let's just move forward)".

That means, the boss or your lead forgives you and you all need to move forward to your job and let's just not commit the same mistakes again.

Well, I just hope that the boss knows that phrase and how to express it correctly. I'm 100% sure she's so intelligent, but I'm not quite sure if she's familiar with that.


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