My Technical Interview Experience At Pointwest

So I had my technical interview at Pointwest last Monday - February 29, 2016. The interview went so well, I believe. But before that, 1 month ago, the recruiter, or let's say the senior HR of the Pointwest requested a connection between our profiles on LinkedIn, and then upon accepting her request, she sent me a message that they're hiring iOS Developers, I was reluctant at that time, although I really want to transfer to another company. I was hesitant because I don't have vacation leaves yet in my current company and so I might lose almost P2,000.00 worth of my salary just for taking a day off in a weekday.

In the end, I replied to the HR that I can't go to the interview, before that reply, I forgot, she called me via mobile phone and she interviewed me. And I think I passed that interview, so she forwarded my resume or my profile to the senior developer for review and she will let me know if that senior developer likes the result of my interview with the HR and my over all experience in iOS development.

Next, she invited me to the next step, which is the Technical Interview. Just like what I've said above, I denied the invitation with thankful email and explaining my reason above.

Then there's this annoying day came. The day when the management gave me a performance review. Click here to read the post about that. Actually, there was nothing wrong about that performance review, what was annoying about that is the fact that they don't provide my needs, such as a full time senior iOS developer, a training, or even a code review, yet they judge my performance. Piss off! So as I was talking, that day came, and so I decided to talk to the HR at Pointwest, I ask her if they're still hiring, long story short, I went to the technical interview last Monday, since it was holiday for our company.

To be continued... READ: My Technical Interview Experience At Pointwest PART 2.

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