My Technical Interview Experience At Pointwest PART 2

This is the part 2 of my technical interview experience at Pointwest, to read the part 1, CLICK HERE.

The night before the technical interview, I review some of the concepts in Object Oriented Programming, when I say some of the concepts, I just needed to know an appropriate description of the concepts in OOP, like Class and Object. As an iOS developer, of course I use OOP in my everyday life, and so I should know about those stuff.

The day of the interview came, I was there already in front of the building, I had 30 minutes more before my interview (5:00PM). So I thought I should browse the internet for a while to familiarise myself with other terminologies in iOS and OOP, but unfortunately I had no load balance to browse the net, and the is freakin useless. When you use the and you browse wikipedia, you'll get nothing, I swear to Mark Zuckerberg, even the Bing free search sucks! It's completely useless! Good thing, thank you Lord again, that I had an Objective-C reference app on my mobile phone - I downloaded this app last year before I started working. So I got many stuff from suck app, it was so helpful.

The time of the interview came. I met the senior developer named Bryan at the office of Pointwest, we shook hands, he told me his name and I told him I know him already because of LinkedIn (oh! Thank goodness because I was about to send him a personal message on LinkedIn to ask him what should I expect at the technical interview). So little did I know that that Bryan, a connection of mine on LinkedIn, will be my interviewer.

The interview went so well, he asked my easy stuff and he made me explain those, honestly there are some, like 3 or 4 questions that I wasn't able to answer. LONG STORY SHORT - the bottom line of this post: At the end of the interview, he told me that for him, I already passed it. He made me feel that I really passed the hiring process already.

Another bottom line of this post: I contact the recruiter 2 days after the interview (Wednesday - March 2, 2016) via text and via email. I didn't call her though or maybe I should have? She didn't send me even a single reply. Note that I am typing this at 2:55AM of March 6, 2016 - no updates yet. What a shame! Why the heck do the HRs and recruiters do that? Is it hard to have a reply to the hoping candidates whether if we pass the hiring process or not? Come on people! You can do better than that! I will be texting again the HR tomorrow, Monday. If I don't receive a reply again, I'll contact sir Bryan on LinkedIn the day after that.


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