138th Day As An iOS Developer - Always Say No To Recruitment Agencies

March 28, 2016 - 138th Day As An iOS Developer

MONDAY - We had a meeting today. A quite nonsense meeting organised by our manager, I suppose. The bottomline is, the meeting was about the web project of my colleague. The project manager just wanted to know the status of each projects in the company - because he is not always around, he's not aware of what's happening.

So yeah, about the web project of my friend, the manager pushed to the client or rather suggested that they use Wordpress for the whole project. My friend, who's the project lead of such web application insisted that using Wordpress would be hard for them developers. But yeah, of course the manager's idea prevailed. So they've been using Wordpress until now and the project is now delayed. Thank you bright manager. My colleague has been confessing to me that it's the management fault why the project is exceeded the deadline.

On the other hand, one company called me, bottomline again, the company is a recruitment agency. The recruitment specialist slash recruiter sent me in my email their offer right after the call. P30, 000.00 for iOS Developer position, with so much benefits. I was like wow. But then I remember they are a recruitment agency, so yeah, NO WAY! - UNLESS I'm applying abroad.

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