138th Day As An iOS Developer V2 - Assign The New Project To Me Please!

March 28, 2016 - 138th Day As An iOS Developer Version 2.0

MONDAY - There are two new iOS projects in the company. One of those projects is already being planned, the another project is currently being designed by our Creatives Team. Guess what? They didn't assign to me the new project. I don't know why. Probably because the deadline is near (April 16 something). So the CTO is taking such app. He's the master of the masters of iOS development in the whole company. The second reason I can think of is that I still currently solving the bugs of my very first project - I mean, the very first iOS app that was submitted to the App Store. These reasons are quite valid for me though. If there is one thing that I can complain about not assigning the project to me, it's the fact that the CTO chose to assign the coding of UI to their Q.A named Ms. K - she's a former iOS developer.

So we had our meeting today - one of the topics discussed in that meeting is the new projects I mentioned above. After that meeting, someone called me - little did I know, the company that contacted me is a freakin' agency. When I say agency, it is a recruitment agency that outsources someone to their clients, with that being said, your salary will be deducted - A LOT!. Their client is PointWest. The manager of that company is not that so smart, as well as their senior technical recruiter. They need lots of iOS Developers so bad but they didn't accept me. Haha! Well, I know the Lord has still plans for me. I firmly believe in that. Faith. Yes.


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