142nd Day As An iOS Developer - Short History Of TestFlight

142nd Day As An iOS Developer - April 1, 2016

FRIDAY - Finally, last day of bug fixing that I thought would go on forever, just kidding. So I just uploaded the build on TestFlight. I just wanna share something real quick. I just learned that the TestFlight was not originally owned b Apple. Someone just told me that, I don't know if it was sir P (our part time senior iOS Developer,) or the senior iOS Developer from PointWest who interviewed me. That's cool to know, TestFlight was just bought by Apple, I think and was integrated to their itunesconnect website for internal and external testing.

Something cool happened today to me: Sir p wasn't able to fix the bug/crash that happens when the search controller or search results controller is active or present and you switch to other tabs and you switch back to that tab that holds the search object, then you cancel it, the app will crash. Guess what? Yours truly solved and was able to fix that stubborn bug. Cool, right? But of course that doesn't mean I am already good and is better than him. I got many things to learn and experience.


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