143rd Day As An iOS Developer - Preparing To Be A Future Speaker

photo from: waybeyondordinary

April 4, 2016 - 143rd Day As An iOS Developer

MONDAY - Another old the same project. I was invited to speak in front of other developers. Most of them are student. So I must change my mindset from now on, I mean, I think I need to lessen the procrastination when I am at work. I need to lessen everything that is not contributing to my career growth (e.g Facebook while working).

Also, starting from today, I will study everyday, actually I already began making an app as part of my study, and this app will be my very demo in front of those students that will attend the Meetup. The name of the group (I just found this group on Facebook by the way,) is: ProgrammersDevelopers - not so cute name, I mean funny name.

What you can find in this group is mostly the mostly lazy students - people who don't know, apparently, how to google, and how to enter the keywords on any search engines that they need to enter in order for them to find appropriate answers to their almost-absurd questions.

What I will introduce to the students this coming Meetup of ProgrammersDevelopers group are these:

- Xcode
- Objective C (and probably a quick refresh to C programming language)
- iOS
- Core Data


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