145th Day As An iOS Developer - Another Old Project To Revise

photo from: google images
April 6, 2016 WEDNESDAY - So I began revising an existing iOS app on App Store. Name of the app is: CPA Pinoy. I'm quite worried that they might find out this blog by mentioning that name of the project. YOLO! Now this app has so many versions, and the old developers, the way they did the versioning of the project sucks! I mean, even the senior developers in the office condemned the way those developers designed the repository.

So going on with that project, the repository has a total of 10GB plus size - I only estimated that. Oh wait, I'll double check it and see if my estimate is near to the actual size. Wait a minute. OH!!! Guess what? I'm correct.

Funny, I was right. So I was darn right in leaving this laptop in the office to download the whole repository to somehow maintain its ridiculous repository format.

Oh, one more important thing: Tomorrow is our evaluation test. so excited, and I continued making my Gphonebook app. I learned using predicate for NSArray without keys.

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