147th Day As An iOS Developer - The Manager Strikes Again

April 8, 2016 - 147th Day As An iOS Developer

FRIDAY - First of all, I am typing this blog post inside Trinoma - again? Yes! I can't believe that I only spent almost 1 hour in typing to complete 10 backlogs (blog posts)! Woo!

So here's my stuff to share what happened to me this April 8, 2016 and stuff about my evaluation exam.

I wasn't able to finish the app that I need to revise. I am so lazy today, because first it is Friday and second, I have no new project. So anyway, yesterday, I had my evaluation exam. Basically that exam is for the mobile developers in the office. There are two non-senior mobile developers in the office. I - as an iOS Developer, and my friend named Ms. T as our Android developer. The exam tells us that we need to make a client app of Krave. Krave is a gay app that is already published on App Store - yes, it is similar to Grindr app. So going on, Krave client - but with extra features. Like changing the background color of the home screen by letting the users input some RGB values to three textfields. There should be two sliding Menus, for both left and right.

The manager in the office was the one who made this nonsense evaluation exam. It also uses a web view. One of the things I find it hard to do in this exam is the search function and the collection view. Ughhh! How was I suppose to resize the collection view cells depending on the inputs of the user?

Our manager is the most annoying person in the company ever. He told me and my Android developer friend he gave this exam to their former OJTs / interns and they finished the app in just 4 freakin hours! Oh come on! My fists are shaking while I am typing this. How the 'F' did they finish this kind of nonsense app within 4 hours? Are you kidding me, mr manager? Oops! This is too much I think.

So here's the thing, my backend / web developer colleague-friend found out that that manager did the exam last March 2016. The interns that he was probably talking about finished their duties last year 2015 before I entered the company. So yeah, I call BS. I hope you read this. *laughs*.

Long story short, in the end, I didn't finished the exam. It has login with Facebook too. So nonsense. However, the CEO thought that I actually completed the exam, where in fact, I wasn't able to implement Search Function and Resizing of Collection View Cells function. Only two functions left. We left the office at 11 PM - I firmly believe that if only I stayed until like 2AM, I would be able to complete the project 100%.


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