149th Day As An iOS Developer - I Just Got Code Reviewed

April 12, 2016 - 149th Day As An iOS Developer

TUESDAY - The title says it all. I just got code reviewed for the second time. Remember the post where I mentioned that I did an evaluation app? That's right. Our new head of software development in the company instructed the part time senior iOS developer to review my codes in the evaluation app. Well, my codes in that app is so dirty and has discrimination. It's because when the former project manager instructed us to do this evaluation test app, I just go infuriated.

Long story short, I was mad during the day I was developing the app. Again, the codes are not so organised - I'll rate it myself like 7/10. I didn't know that they would review my codes. So yeah. Have I had a valid reason to make my codes like crap? No. Honestly, I feel like I was being so immature.

After that surprised code review, I continued working on the old project. I'm longing for a new project this time. Ughh. After that, my colleagues and I went to buy a dinner at a local store and then we talked. We talked about some certain stuff.

Talking about iOS, uhmmm, I don't have anything to share today. So yeah, I'm ending this post.


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