151st Day As An iOS Developer - The Day When I Met UIStackView

April 14, 2016 - 151st Day As An iOS Developer

THURSDAY - I just had a great day, not so stressful. Just fixed some minor easy-to-fix bugs. Then I studied iOS 9 Swift - UIStackView. I just watched a 10-minute tutorial about this stuff, it is only for iOS 9 though, if you need to implement this for iOS 8 and below, I found a third party library that mimics this, it is called: OAStackView. Here is the repository of the project: https://github.com/oarrabi/OAStackView

When using this UIStackView, implementing constraints is necessary. As soon as I get a free time, I will make a sample project and use this. I just wonder though how to use UIStackView programmatically. There are really lots of things that I need to learn and practice. Sorry for the short post.


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