152nd Day As An iOS Developer - Answering Posts On Stackoverflow

April 15, 2016 - 152nd Day As An iOS Developer

FRIDAY - Oh backlogs! I'm typing my Friday's post today, Saturday inside a dental clinic. The good thing is, I got a free film, currently while typing this post, I am watching a film called: "Always be my maybe". The movie will certainly make you laugh. Anyway, let's talk about iOS now. Today is the day that I began answering posts on Stackoverflow.

So talking about Stackoverflow, even though I am not very experienced in iOS App Development yet, I got hooked up helping others in objective-c. You can find me lurking around the SO posts with objective-c tags. Sometimes I get lucky in posting my answers, I get first to answer then I get the chance to get my Answer be selected and marked as the answer to the question - meaning, plus reputation!

It feels good, it really does. It freshen up my mind too, additional practice. Anyway, today is Friday and I am happy that another weekend is coming.

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