153rd Day As An iOS Developer - Meeting With The Management

April 18, 2016 - 153rd Day As An iOS Developer

MONDAY - What a good day to start this new week. There are no highlights regarding to iOS and Objective-c for this Monday blog post. What I had today was a face-to-face evaluation of my performance with the management of the company.

They (the management) started the day by evaluating my colleague named Trish. I am giving the real name, yes. She's our Android developer. It took her a couple of months in that hot seat inside the hot room (our pantry). I think everything went fine with her evaluation. Time came, it was my turn. I went to that room facing the annoying faces of the management (just kidding). We started the evaluation. They let me rate myself (1 to 10, 10 is the highest) in different categories they mentioned (like: leadership, coding standards, etc...). So I did, I gave myself ratings that I honestly believe I deserve.

The next part of the evaluation was their turn. They gave me ratings in each of the categories and they added their side comments as well. Whenever they gave me comments, I gave them my comments too. Well, I admitted all my mistakes though during that evaluation, but it is my right to blame some things to them. They have faults too. Such as not maintaining the usability of their physical assets (e.g macbook pros), and letting a super newbie like me back in my first month to do three different projects at the same time, and now they told me that it the main project took 5 months to developed. It's not only for the employees, but for the company as well. I find this evaluation and their comments funny by the way, they criticised their employees but they won't criticise themselves.

At the end of the evaluation day, I knew I need it. I need it as an eye opener, I need to stop doing things that I used to do before, I need to bring back the perseverance that I had before when I was just starting in iOS, and lastly, I guess I need to find myself as well.

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