156th Day As An iOS Developer - CoreData Is Awesome

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April 21, 2016 - 156th Day As An iOS Developer

THURSDAY - Finally! I got the time to try out and practice using the Core Data. I've been wanting to create a simple app that implements this for so long, I just couldn't find enough time to do it. I found a nice tutorial on Youtube how to implement Core Data to your application. But the thing is, the tutorial is quite out dated. By the way:
    Core Data is an object graph and persistence framework provided by Apple in the OS X and iOS operating systems. It was introduced in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and iOS with iPhone SDK 3.0. It allows data organised by the relational entity–attribute model to be serialized into XML, binary, or SQLite stores.
I'm typing this post as a backlog, I actually made an app called: GPhoneBook app and I modified how it stores the data, thus I integrated the Core Data functionality. The data in this app originally is temporary. Just like what I've said, this post is a backlog, the GPhoneBook app was left in my old MacBook Pro in the office. I will try my best to make another one tonight using SWIFT! Alright! I will just make an update to this post as soon as I finish the version 2 of the GPhoneBook app.


--- EDIT: I take back my word that I will be making the version 2 of the GPhoneBook app using Swift. I realised that I need to make a sample app for my up coming seminar/talk next weekend made in Objective-c, this will serve as a demo.

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