157th Day As An iOS Developer - Adieu, My First iOS Company

April 21, 2016 - 157th Day As An iOS Developer

FRIDAY - I am not sure what I will put in this post. I am not sure how I should construct my sentences, how I should turn my ideas into words (perhaps because I am typing this post at 1:00AM in the morning?). Today is my last day at the company. They booted me out. Fired.

Morning, she (the CEO) called me out, she then released the solacing phrases: "I have to fire you". Now, her words were both unnerving and soothing. Kicking me out of the company was an unforeseen and at the same time, I was waiting for this day for so long. Mixed emotions. Minutes passed during our 1 on 1 conversation, I couldn't help myself from sobbing. Oh, I hate myself for doing that in front of her.

I always tell my colleagues that I am always ready to get fired, I will fully accept that as long as the management is ready to give me my prorated 13th month pay. Guess what? She gave me my whole 13th month pay as well as my pay for the last cut off for the month of April. She's still nice.

I guess I did snivel when we talked because they stepped on my pride. Perhaps I felt so stupid. This day will be part of my humble beginning. I will remember this day when I get my first million. I will remember this very day when I establish my own company.

I owe so many things to this company. This company accepted me even though I didn't have any experience in OOP at all. So basically, they hired an intern-like with a quite high salary. I had no knowledge in OOP. I began my journey last September 3, 2015 (read: Day 1 As An iOS Devleper With No Experience).

The management, I believe, is just waiting for their former interns to work for them this coming June. With that being said, they will have reliable employees whom they can pay much cheaper than me. I also believe they cannot afford to pay me any longer, now that they have no new iOS projects. I remember she told me in that room where we had the firing me thing: "This is a start up company, and you do not fit here or you are not yet ready to work for this kind of company". Not exact quote but it pertains to her message. Well, I say, you guys could've had me at my very best. You just failed as a good leaders/management to your employees, come on. You can do better. Even your other employees tell me their complains.

At the end of our meeting, I told her some more things. Like this one: I told her to clean my freakin-annoying laptop - the macbook pro that I used during my stay at the company. She told me that re-formatting that laptop in the coming weekend will be their tasks. I'm glad that they will do it, but hearing those words irritated me. When I started working at your company, you guys didn't even bother to clean up the laptop, and I suffered. I had a non-technical manager. A manager who was a QA manages the developers???

I also told her that I was really expecting this day, I was just waiting for it. I told her that I was really thankful that I got hired in the company. I gained a lot. The company (this part, I didn't tell it to her) served as my stepping stone in iOS world and Software Development world.

I guess getting fired from this company is good for me. I felt that I become more and more unproductive. The stupid laptop becomes more annoying. I need to grow. Dota2 game was eating my soul and time. The nature of the people working in the company is really different from where I came from.

Bottomline: what happened to me this Friday was a win situation. I got extra budget from her and I got the chance to make my salary higher and to work in a better company.

Disclaimer: I do not intend to do any damage to the company mentioned on this blog. If you think I do, please contact me immediately and I will remove the name or any trademarks of the said company.

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