1st Day Of Work In A New Company As An iOS Developer Using Swift - From Objective-C To Swift

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Time check first: 11:59PM. Actually, the day that I first used Swift in a small app was yesterday.  I had my interview and a two practical exams, the last exam was a hands-on with Swift. I was required to make a PhoneBook App using Swift programming language connected to Firebase - Firebase is the source of my data. I need to fetch the data from Firebase (it was my first time too to use Firebase). Bonus point: Add an add contact function.

I have been practicing by making a phonebook app too, but using objective-c as the programming language, and Core Data as my database. The hands-on exam though has no database requirement.

So today was my first day at my new company. In this company, they're using Swift and Storyboards. I was a bit culture shocked - if that's the right term. I freakin' hated Swift during my work. My tasks though was to document the service requests used in their one project, and to improve the code of the another project - not necessarily to make the code more efficient. I just made the code cleaner in format. I'm no computer science graduate, so I'm not really good in code efficiency stuff.

Going on with my story about my work, I hated the Swift so much. I told myself, that if these projects were written in Objective-C, I'll freakin' finish these! Tomorrow will be my second day and I will be doing some client change requests to the last project I mentioned above. So yeah, I hated Swift until I went to the mall near in the terminal where I take a cab to my way home. I went to that mall to eat and to watch the video clips I downloaded from Youtube. - Realm to Swift tutorial. I hated Realm too when I was at the office. Why not Core Data? Ughh. So after I watched the video clips, I learned to love Swift (a bit) and to love Realm (than Core Data? Lets see in the next days).

P.S. I haven't signed the contract yet with the company, so if they won't give my expected salary tomorrow, I might leave the company the same day - the CEO said that (he's a technical CEO, cool! and I have a technical manager too! Cool!) he will come back to me tomorrow about my request to make the offer match my expected salary. And that's sad.


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