Finally! My New Personal Macbook Pro!

My New Macbook Pro - Mid 2012
So after I left the company (read: 157th Day As An iOS Developer - Adieu, My First iOS Company), I thought of buying a new macbook for myself. Since I've been planning to have a freelance job - the same role, as an iOS App Developer.

Actually I was planning to buy a second hand Macbook pro, I'll just re-format it, and clean the whole laptop, after all, it's a Mac. But my partner wouldn't let me. My partner really wanted me to buy a brand new one. Just to be safe, since it has a warranty and since it's 100% fresh from the factory. I'm here in the Philippines, so the Macbook pro mid-2012 (meaning, non-retina) costs almost $1,200.00 USD, that is P55,000.00 in Philippine Peso. I was also planning to buy a brand new one without warranty from Gray or Black Market, however I didn't and don't have cash.

There are two premium resellers of Apple here in Manila. The Power Mac and the iStudio. The Power Mac can be found in almost any mall. Like Trinoma and SM North Edsa. They accept credit cards as payment, 0% interest for 12 to 24 months. But, you have to have a Citibank Credit Card for you to have it paid in 24 months. Otherwise, you can only have it in instalment in 12 months. The same with iStudio, Citibank will grant you 24 months instalment without interest.

I bought mine from iStore. Why? There are huge benefits in buying from iStudio. When you pay in cash, the 55K will go down to 49K! See the difference! Power Mac doesn't give any discount. Also, iStudio can give you a free item if you purchase your Mac in 1 year instalment. You go check that out for yourself.

Here's my story when I was installing the necessary software in my Mac:

If the pausing-resuming functionality really works in OSx (App Store), then great! I'm having a so slow internet connection and I'm downloading Xcode (Which is ~5GB in size). So I need to pause the download for a while and planning to continue the download later tonight. I hope the download won't be a failure or be corrupted.


So yeah, let the software development begin! Happy coding!


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