My Experience In Job Hunting As An iOS Developer In Manila

I left my company last April 22 (read: 157th Day As An iOS Developer - Adieu, My First iOS Company.). I was kinda desperate in looking for a new job, although honestly I was confident that I can find one in a short period of time, because iOS, that's why. I mean because I have experience being an iOS Developer.

I'm blogging today because I would like to share my experience in job hunting and all the things I have learned how to win a job offer.

Let's start with seeking for a job post. If you're from Asia, the first website that will come to your mind will be Jobstreet, right? I will give you all the websites I know where you can find tons of jobs, well if you're looking for a specific job that requires the skills you have, you might find few, like in my case, I could fine like less than 50 job posts about iOS.

So here are the websites you can use when you're hunting for a job (in no particular order):

  • LinkedIn
  • Jobstreet
  • Monster
  • Indeed
Now that you have the top list of the websites I use, go and do the job hunting. But if you want to have further information and tips, keep on reading.

The recruiters may post their website and email address on their job posts, let's say on their Jobstreet post and Indeed post. If they did post it, use it. Instead of proceeding to apply alone via Jobstreet, email them. Send them an email with your cover letter, say that you are so interested to be part of their team and that you have and fit the descriptions they require. 

If you found their website but no email address, you can visit their website and go into their ABOUT or CAREERS section/page, then you go ahead and submit your application their.

This activity takes time and so much effort, not to mention: money and knowledge. So just be ready in your every interviews and technical exams. If ever you do have questions, please feel free to post comments or contact me.

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