9th Month As An iOS Developer - My Productivity Is Directly Proportional To Ambient Temperature

It's my 9th month working as an iOS developer, I feel compelled to write this post down since I've been very busy with my work and with my freelance project. This post will be about everything I wanna share, starting from the 2nd week of my work in the office up to today, Sunday - June 5, 2016.

My progress in learning Swift has been good. I become more and more confident in coding using Swift, and as the time goes by, it seems that I inadvertently neglect to remember my good old days with Objective-C. Past is past, it's up to me if I am going to deal with that past again. We all need to move on.

I also notice that the APIs made by one of the bosses in my current company are better than the APIs written by someone in my past company. I believe that the latter is so vulnerable to attacks, since the programmer is not utilising the use of authentications and headers, and other stuff in dealing with API requests. I am learning so many things in my current job, I will never stop learning and sharing, I am happy with what I'm getting from the experiences the company is giving me, thanks be to them and to the Lord.

As much as I want to be productive this afternoon, the blaze of the Sun is eating my perseverance. Two things that hold me back from being productive: the temperature in a location where I am working at, and the table and chair that I am using, never mind that coffee. Today, I'm transferring my self and my things to a new apartment unit near my company, I'm so excited. This post might be pointless to my readers, but it is important for me to put what I feel like to put on this blog. I need to stop writing this now, no, stop, alright I'm closing this post now. I need to hit the gym.

P.S. I already tried what I've been wanting to do: drinking wine while coding. Don't do it. Alcohol will ruin your capability to think, it won't help improve your logic - or is it just me?


Try beer instead. but dont' get drunk. haha!


I did try drinking beer while coding. But I only got the light one. It was a cool experience. :D


Wow, found your site on cocoacontrols, awesome! Now you have one more subscriber :) I'm too iOS Developer (5 months), writting on VIPER atm :)


Hi. I can't honestly read your name. Well, cheers to that! :) It's my 11th month as an iOS Developer. :) I started working using objective-c and I had no backround in OOP before, but I still got hired, and eventually laid off from the first company I worked at as an iOS Dev (read my 157th Day). Right now, I don't have much time to post anything. I'm super busy, and I'm doubling my job. I got two jobs from two different companies :)....

Stay hungry, stay foolish :)



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