I Just Discovered How To See Who Has Unfriended You On Facebook

I'm going to explain the way how to actually check out who has unfriended you on Facebook as quick as possible, because... I'm at work. It's pretty easy and I was a bit skeptical at first since I haven't confirmed it. But today I tried it out on my friend's phone and it worked, so my doubt was cleared a little.

This will not need using a dumb and poorly written website that has so much annoying popups and ads. What you will need is your Facebook App and your Facebook Messenger. :) Ready?

1. Open up your Messenger app.
2. Tap your profile photo located at the top. In Android, location may vary.

3. You'll be redirected to this next screen, like so. Then, tap on My Day.

4. Tap on Everyone.

5. Voila! The people with "X" Mark (iOS) (Check mark in Android) are  EITHER the ones who unfriended you or the people you unfriended. It can also be the ones you hide your day from! As I've said before, I've tested this with my friend, Mark. I used his Facebook account and I unfriend my own. :) See it for yourself.

Try it and let me know your comments below :)


parang hindi naman kasi sir yung close friend ko naka x mark sa messenger ko pero friends pa din kame sa fb natatag ko pa


Hola, sir Jerone! haha! Baka naman manually nyo nilagay siya sa list? Anyways, sa iba kong friends kasi nagwwork ito :D


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