To migrate or not?

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2AM thoughts: I've been thinking about the migration thing, to wherever. Like quite a lot. 

Back in 2014, before my graduation, I made a covenant with my naive self, to not seek the need to migrate just to earn money. 

My wife has a financially self-sufficient business with a likelihood of scaling soon, not to mention we have already the things that we never dreamt of, material things, ie house, car, and whatnot. I'm already earning a lot here, at least when talking about PH software engineers' rates. My current full-time remote job allows me to only work for 2-3 days a week, and spend the rest of the week to improve my knowledge on any other things, plus they adhere to PH employment laws and holidays, not all remote jobs do that! - effin' best, right? So why migrate? 

Working outside the country means starting back to zero; working in the office; you wouldn't know if that future new job will make you happy or get you knackered; will there be toxic workmates? good or awful team leads, managers, bosses? - you won't know, it's a risk to take, but getting out of your comfort zone certainly means growth - sounds cliche but it's true, and I do have established my comfort zone already. Every job opportunities that come to my LinkedIn or Email inboxes, I just shrugged them off

There's simply no other place like our motherland. I told my friend who shared his planned migration that one way to tell if you're fit or rather you prefer to live in the other countries is to experience it yourself - travel. When my wife and I went to a couple of countries before, I always wanted to go back to PH soon. I always looked forward to flying back after a couple of days. Or perhaps it was a pretty normal feeling - to miss someone and something and eventually you'll be able to adapt and move on.  We should do that. We will definitely travel as tourists to our chosen country, stay there for a couple of weeks, or for as long as our visa would allow us to, and then assess if we feel like living there permanently. That's it!

I think that what matters most about staying in this country is my current job. And also the fact that I can certainly push my capability of acquiring sources of our income. And what counts the most in living in better countries is their on par healthcare,  education, and retirement systems. I guess these are already sufficient reasons to continue aspiring to migrate.

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